Core de Ballet® helps dancers be stronger, healthier, and better at their art.  

Core de Ballet is the website where pro dancers, dancers in training and ballet teachers go to become better dancers: not just technician but complete artists.  Pro dancers, dancers in training and teachers go to Core de Ballet to: 
(1) find answers to their technique and anatomy questions,
(2) get stronger and more coordinated,
(3) keep training on their own,
(4) be inspired by other dancers, teachers and actors of the ballet world,
(5) grasp the depth of a ballet and so much more.

Core de Ballet is created by, and with, pro dancers to remain relevant to your needs. It is a video on demand website where you have access to new content each month for less than the price of two open classes. It’s like Netflix, but better because it’s all about ballet!

By pro dancers, with pro dancers, for pro dancers

Core de Ballet® was founded by Ondine D., a Stott Pilates® certified instructor with a solid expertise in, and passion for, dancing who believes that dancers can improve their technique and reduce the risk of injuries by using science-based conditioning programs. At Core de Ballet we believe that a strong technique is the mean to unleash your full artistic capabilities, not an end in itself.

To achieve this vision, the team includes certified ballet teachers and professional dancers to create content that answer the needs of dancers and teachers. Core de Ballet also works in collaboration with a network of professional ballet dancers and teachers, as well as trusted professionals in the health, rehab and physical therapy fields who proofread or feature in our videos.

CATHY LAYMET: Certified ballet teacher and floor barre instructor is our lead instructor for our follow along classes and technique advice sections.

ROXANE STOJANOV: Professional dancer, brings her technique, precision and grace to our Dictionary of Ballet and demonstrates the Pilates exercises in our follow along conditioning videos. 

GUILLAUME DIOP: Professional dancer, brings his elegance, lines and enthusiasm to our ballet technique and conditioning videos. 

VICTORIA ROPER: PT and Stott Pilates Instructor Trainer, ensure dancers get valuable, scientifically sound content.

AURÉLIA LEFAUCHEUX: Certified ballet teacher (DE), guest teacher for barre classes.

Backstage, most of our videos would be dull without Extermitent production, a team of Elves specialised in beautifying dancers. They cautiously work their magic to give you the best video programs for dancers ever made.

What do we believe in?

We believe that ballet is an art first and foremost.

We believe that dancers can unleash their full artistic potential when a strong technique becomes second nature.

We believe that dancers and teachers alike deserve to be educated to the latest research in functional anatomy to unleash their technical and hence artistic potential.

We believe that dancers deserve the same level of training care and attention as any other high level athletes.

We believe in a dance world with less injuries.

We believe that less injuries is possible through science-based and dance specific conditioning programs to prepare and compensate for the inevitable imbalances and overuse caused by the dancing disciplines (like any other discipline).

With us by your side, your technique and control will improve quickly, allowing you to focus more on giving life to your dancing. How does this sound?