How do I access the videos?

Click on "Get access now" on any of our videos and select the option that suits you most: renting a single video for a limited time or accessing all videos with a subscription. You can also click on ‘Join now!’ in the menu barre to subscribe. 

The monthly subscription is automatically renewed and you can cancel at any time for the next period (see question "How to unsubscribe?").


What is included in the subscription?

You have the choice between two levels of subscriptions. With the Diamond subscription you have access to our full catalog of training ranging from dance classes to mental skills masterclasses to Repertoire coaching or interviews of dancers. If you are interested only in dance and conditioning classes, you can select the Bronze plan instead. The Diamond plan offers a much better value for money. We give you the choice depending on your needs.


Can I offer a subscription to a friend or relative?

You can offer the subscription to someone by buying a gift card in our store


Are there any pre-requisites to your programs?

There are classes for all level of practice. Like any physical activities there are risks involved and one needs to be cleared by a health physician before attempting to do any physical exercise demonstrated on the website and anyone with a health concern should consult an appropriate professional.


How often do you publish new content?

We periodically release new Technique, Anatomy, Conditioning programs and Interviews videos. A new set of barre and floor barre classes is released each month so you can really build a stable yet varied routine.


I cannot see Dancer's body's floor barre videos, is that normal?

At the moment, the floor barre videos produced by our partner Dancer’s body are georestricted and not available when you are located in metropolitan France. If you are not located in France and still cannot see them, please contact us


I am a beginner at ballet, and this website seems designed for pro-dancers, can I follow your videos?

As a beginner dancer, the 'Ballet technique explained' section will help you understand what your teacher explains in class, the Conditioning exercises will help you get stronger and the Interviews will give you insight in the life of adult dancers. 

We do advise to attempt to learn ballet online. Like any physical activity, there are risks involved in its practice and you want to learn under the direct supervision of a certified teacher, but the Internet is a good place to research what your teacher explains in class and supplement any instructor supervised class you might already attend. Enjoy your journey!


Do you have any free videos?

We do make a few videos available without subscription: check out the ‘Free videos!’ section. We also publish excerpts of our videos on our YouTube channel and our Instagram so you can see by yourself the quality of the content of our videos before subscribing.


Can I take a private class with one of the teachers I see on the videos?

The Core de Ballet team is located around the world and will be more than happy to work with you towards your personal goals. We have teachers available for private class and audition preparation in Paris, France; and some teachers are available for online classes/coaching. Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your project and how we can help you. 


I am a teacher and I would like to feature on Core de Ballet. Is it possible? How do I film the class?

We are very honoured that you consider working with us. Contact us so that the team can get to know you and discuss the terms and conditions. Looking forward to having another excellent teacher on board!


How do I unsubscribe?

In the event that you'd wish to cancel your plan, follow these steps before the renewal date:

Sign in to your account.

- Click on "My account" (top right-hand side corner)

- Click on "Billing"

- In the section "Active plan" you'll see your current plan, click on "change plan"

- Click on "Cancel membership"

You’ll receive an email confirming your cancellation. Your subscription will remain active until the renewal date, at which point the subscription will not be renewed and access to the services will stop. You’ll still have access to our free videos.