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Are you about to dance a role in Giselle and you are not sure how to prepare before the first rehearsal?

If we could show you a way to end the confusion about the interpretation of any role in Giselle, discover the modernity of the ballet, clarify your range of personal interpretation would you be interested?

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I'm working on Giselle variation with "Mastering the Repertoire" videos. Really, thank you for this platform that helps me so much in my daily work.

Anaëlle Mariat

Professional dancer at Bordeaux National Ballet

How are we different?

There are three major problems with how most dancers prepare and are prepared:

  1. Most preparations start right away with learning "the steps" leading to a rather dry dance on stage.

  2. Most ballet teachers do not have access to substantial information on how the choreographer intended the piece to be, nor do they know the advice passed on to Principal dancers as they created or prepared the role.

  3. Most of the Repertoire is perceived as outdated and the dancers and viewers focus on the primary interpretation of the story.

We have address all these shortcomings in our Masterclasses to truly Master the Repertoire.

Technique beyond just the steps

Our Masterclasses incorporate staging elements like spacing and looks, we help you go beyond the simplistic view of what technique means.

Interconnected characters

Our Masterclasses review all interactions between the characters. We allow you to create a realistic interpretation in accord with other characters of the ballet Giselle.

Choreography-music connection

Our Masterclasses present how the characters evolve in music. We enable you to elevate your dancing from a series of steps and photo-poses to a full-blown choreography appropriate for the ballet Giselle.

Relatable modern story

You have to enjoy, as a dancer, living a story that you relate to. That is what "Mastering the Repertoire" is all about: identifying with you the universal theme to reveal the modernity of a ballet as old as Giselle.

What makes the ballets of the Repertoire so interesting, what keeps them "alive", is the richness and diversity of possible interpretations.

But you still need to know what they talk about, their theme, their timelessness, what makes them classics.

Jean-Guillaume Bart

Paris Opera Ballet Principal dancer

Premium Repertoire Masterclasses

Your perfect companion to start working on any role from the ballet Giselle.

Act 1, A game of love or deception

  • Grasp the modernity of the ballet Giselle to live the story on stage

  • Identify how you can interpret Giselle and Albrecht to make a realistic performance

  • Learn the nuances of the music for a refined and memorable dance

Duration: 1h34min

The secrets to interpreting Hilarion

  • Grasp the values of Hilarion to make a realistic and modern performance

  • Identify the specificities of the music accompanying Hilarion's entrances to distinguish him from other characters

  • Comprehend the intentions of his actions to find the right interpretation for you

Duration: 32min

The secrets to interpreting Berthe

  • Grasp the personality of Berthe to make a realistic and modern performance

  • Identify the specificities of the music accompanying Berthe's entrance and pantomime to elevate your presence on stage

  • Discover sources of iconographic inspiration from relevant paintings

Duration: 17min

Master an efficient and truthful gaze

  • Practical workshop using examples for male and female roles in Giselle

  • Improve your technique and understand the four forms of gaze in dance

  • Improve turns and jumping turns

  • How to overcome a disturbing environment

  • Steady and fluid arabesque penchée

  • How to preempt the effect of fatigue

Duration: 52min

Act 2, A Twist of events

  • Learn the nuances of the music for a refined and memorable dance

  • Take in the legend of the Wilis for a more profound performance

  • Give depth, inspired by the music, to Myrtha, Zulme, Moyna and the other Wilis.

  • Understand how to dance a modern Giselle without fundamentally changing the original legend.

Duration: 1h53min


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I loved the session on the gaze, everything was very clear and well illustrated with examples that speak to me! I'm sure it will help me a lot in class and on stage!

Romane Larsson

Dancer in training at Stanlowa School

Meet the creators

An exclusive series by Jean-Guillaume Bart and Gaëlle Sadaune to enjoy a stress-free and efficient role preparation.

Jean-Guillaume Bart

Paris Opera Principal dancer

Jean-Guillaume Bart has done an extensive work of research on the Repertoire, he's read for you almost everything available on Earth, watched hundred of dancers, listened to a large amount of interviews, discussed with the greatest dancers of the last few generations.

In addition, he has either danced the Repertoire during his dance career as a Principal dancer, or coached it as a repetiteur at Paris Opera or re-staged it as an international choreographer.

Jean-Guillaume generously shares his lifetime of experience so you can thrive in your own career as a dancer or a teacher.

Gaëlle Sadaune

Paris Opera Ballet School pianist

Gaëlle Sadaune fell in love with ballet when she was offered an opportunity to work as a pianist for a ballet class and has never stopped since. Over the years she has developed an innate sense of understanding the dancers' needs and how to support them in their dance.

As a professional she helps dancers understand the music simply by developing their listening skills using simple terms, and translating the music into movements. The word used the most to describe her is "magical", closely followed by "perfect".

In that sense she is a true Master of Ballet music and her approach will change your experience of ballet forever.

Elevate your understanding of Giselle for a memorable interpretation

Our Masterclasses cover all the major roles of the ballet Giselle, so this bundle will serve you throughout your dancing career as well as if you ever become a Ballet Master or a coach.

Access GISELLE - Mastering the Repertoire

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see extracts of the Masterclasses?


We thought you might be interested in watching Jean-Guillaume and Gaëlle talk about the entrance of Giselle, the entrance of Albrecht and the entrance of Hilarion and understand what make Giselle's music so unique.

I am not a dancer, is this for me?

Balletomanes are more than welcome. In our experience, such a conference dramatically changes how you watch the next performance and how you view the dancers' work.

Is there any practice or just "talk"?

The three Masterclasses are quite interactive as we will discuss in-depth the role the music plays in the ballet and you will get a chance to find your own understanding. 

The Workshop of the use of the gaze is very practical: we will not discuss just the theory of using the gaze and look in ballet, we will put it in practice - demonstrated by a dancer - using examples taken from male and female identifying roles in the ballet Giselle.

How long are the Masterclasses?

You get access to over 5h of contentled by Jean-Guillaume Bart and Gaëlle Sadaune.

The longest is 1h55min. It is an in-depth analysis of the whole ballet and its characters. To easily find what you are looking for, we have identified chapters in the longest videos.

In what language is it?

The speakers conducted the Masterclasses and workshop in French, English subtitles are provided for most viewers to understand.

How long will I have access to the recordings?

As long as you want! This is a Premium program and we are offering this bundle as a lifetime access. Meaning that you can watch it forever and as many times as needed.

You can watch it to prepare for Moyna, later for Myrtha and later for Giselle; or Hilarion and later Albrecht. That's what we wish for you!

Elevate your understanding of Giselle to be memorable

Over 5h of premium content,

For the price of one private class.

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€245 €97.00

4 Masterclasses and 1 Workshop Valeur totale: €245:

  • Act 1 - a game of love or deception,

  • Master an efficient and truthful gaze,

  • Secrets to interpreting Hilarion,

  • Secrets to interpreting Berthe,

  • Act 2 - a twist of events.

Step on stage to live a memorable experience, and leave the audience with a memorable experience

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Ondine D.

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